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Monopoly Slot Review

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Real Play
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Monopoly slots take a dynamic tilt towards the scientific aspect. Although owned by WMS, Barcrest is an unforgettable part of the successful output. There are 5 reels and about 20 pay lines. Bet per game starts with 20ρ and limits at 500£. Monopoly slots online are just an online version of the conventional board form played all over the world. Besides the significant event feature, monopoly slot games have some mouth-watering bonus features as well as multiple multipliers.

Monopoly slot games is an upgrade of super monopoly money slots. On both platforms, reel 5 has the most brilliant chance of winning.

So first of all, place your bets.

Additional Info
  • • Launch: 2016
  • • Software: PartyGaming
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 5
  • • Min. bet: 0.01 per line
  • •Max. bet: 25 per line
  • •Payout %: 95%

The big event round

This feature is so true to the name “big”. You trigger the big event round with reel symbols 1, 3 and 5 respectively. Two stacked symbols on reel number 5 ushers you into the big event game in full with a House sneak opening. Furthermore, three stacked symbols on reel 5 are as well a big event game with Hotel sneak opening. More like the monopoly casino slots, the house sneak opening is genuinely a sneak into house chance cards while hotel sneaks up on hotel chance cards.

On the monopoly slot big event round, the two chances of community chest and chance cards are a mask for other bonus features. For example, community chest cards grants you access to some free spins while chance card shows bonus options.

When betting real cash monopoly slots machine, the big bet event round is your best shot at a sure winning.

Bonus round – The juicy bit

Apparently, from the big event round, a player will prefer to enjoy the last bit of every bonus. The guaranteed bonus which is a combo of 3 bonus options or icons earns you a community chest card.

Dancing wild free spins is another major feature. Every free spin chosen at random on a full reel turn out a full wild.

‘In Jail’ symbol reveal the lowest value symbols especially on any reel during a free spin. Therefore, the monopoly slots free feature devalues all free spins. These low-value symbols are 10, Q, K, A, and J.

Big bet high roller feature

The monopoly slot app has a significant high roller feature which you can start by pressing the play big bet button. There are always two games on both £20 and £30 respectively. The £20 game has x5 multipliers as one win multiplier applies to one spin per time.

£30, on the other hand, has a random feature of 5 free spins, the epic win feature (5 free spins and x5 multiplier) and the top game as known as the big wild event.

Closing verdict

Monopoly slot games for sure is quite straightforward and very much above the regular. With x5 multipliers and free spins, you’re sure to earn a handsome reward. Money can be earned as well, of course, if only you'll give it a try.

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