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Play Sizzling Hot for real money in Saguenay, Quebec 2024

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Sizzling Hot Slot Machine Review - Free Game

Both new and old versions of Sizzling Hot free games are very easy to play. Newbies can easily master the slot game and get on with wagering some cash to earn big rewards. Sizzling Hot online free demo can be played on many online casinos. There is no need for a download. Just tap PLAY FREE on the device screen to enter the game mode.

Additional Info
  • • Launch: 3 March 2003
  • • Software: Novomatic
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 5
  • • Min. bet: 0.5 per line
  • •Max. bet: 2 per line
  • •Payout %: 95.66%

The Sizzling Hot Slot Machine takes you through the world of fruits to reap juicy bonuses and rewards as you play. It’s without doubt, one of the most classic slot games on the online casino. Its brick and mortar version can be found in many traditional casinos in the USA and Europe.

Novomatic released the Sizzling Hot Slot first version in 2011. Since then, more recent versions of the slot game have been released. Most versions retain the old "flavor" as the theme and music are left untouched.

Any player who loves playing classic online games is bound to enjoy playing the sizzling hot game. Its traditional theme makes it a favorite of most gamblers who are always looking for great classic games to play, enjoy and win. Sizzling hot games have gained a lot of popularity around Europe but are also gaining the same momentum in the USA due to the fact that it is a game created for anyone. So whether you are new to gambling and online games or you are a full-blown professional, both parties will equally enjoy playing this game.

These five reels and five play lines sizzling games are not difficult to play. All the player needs to do is hit similar symbols on directly opposite facing reels and they trigger a win. The symbols take the form of different fruits making it quite interesting to watch especially when one manages a successful most of the fruits, all one needs is to take pout two fruits but some require three onwards. Other symbols include number 7 and yellow stars that act as the scatter symbol to activate the bonus feature in the game.

However, the more recent versions wear modern outlook so much that new players may find the age of the slot game surprising.

Gameplay & RTP

As with many Novomatic games, the gameplay for Sizzling Slot is quite straight forward.

Players need to set a few game features before playing. To do this, find the UI bar, which is located towards the end of the screen. Then make the following adjustments.

On Sizzling Hot Slot, the following fruit symbols are found: the bunch of grapes, halved watermelon, orange, lemon, cherries, plum, a yellow star, and the seven symbols.

To win, arrange from at least two similar symbols to a maximum of five across the reels. There is no wild character, which can replace any other symbol in the game to guarantee winning combinations. Therefore, players must put together at least five similar symbols to hit maximum winnings for every spin.

You can win with only two cherry symbols. For other symbols, you need at least three similar characters to get a win. The yellow star symbol is the Scatter.

You get higher winnings when you combine three or more scatters. Arrange three similar characters from left to right to win on adjacent lines. This works for all the fruits except the Yellow star symbol, which is the scatter. The sizzling hot slot has a relatively high RTP of about 95.66%.

Bonuses & Features

There are bonus codes or free spins on Sizzling Hot Slot you can catch like a welcome bonus on sing up registration or make a deposit when you are playing for real money. However, players can double their winnings by using the gamble feature. After each spin, the gamble feature pops up. The player may choose to ignore it and keep your winnings. You may also accept the gamble feature and stake winnings for a double. The player must choose either a red or black card. If the player chooses the winning cars, you get double on the earnings for that spin. Should he choose the losing card and get nothing for that spin.

A bonus feature is activated when the player hits three or more star symbols on any of the lines on the game. For one to win the bonus feature they do not need to ensure that the reels having the symbols are adjacent; one can choose any of the reels and win.

Game Play

Playing sizzling online is not really difficult so long as one understands how to make the bet. The bet can be made using the + / - signs that are on the screen and once the bet amount has been set, the play lines are activated. One cannot adjust the play lines that have been activated but they can change the bet amount as the game progresses. Pairing two or more fruit symbols activates a win that one can use the gamble button to try and increase it up to five times. The number 7, if it appears on the screen means that the player will get 5000 times more on the bet that he has placed on each line.

How to Play for Free

Sizzling hot free can be played on a number of websites that allow you to get to grips with the slot. These sites were specially created to help players enjoy their favorite games without having to risk their money. All one has to do is get on the site, pick the game and start playing.

How to Win at Sizzling Hot

A lot of gamblers tend to start with large bets and then reduce when they being to lose a part of their bankroll. This is a very common mistake and will definitely impact your game a lot. Start to calculate your budget and continue placing bets that will allow you to continue playing for longer. Timing is key. Go for medium bets and manage your bankroll like a pro. When you raise the bet after a big win, calculate your risk.


Sizzling online slots may appear stingy due to a lack of multipliers and wild cards. However, during the game, players can easily accumulate enough credit coins to compensate for the lack of bonuses. The gamble feature may also give massive wins with luck on the player's side. All in all, the simplicity of the game makes it one of the easiest hot slot games on the casinos.



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