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Play Funky Fruits for real money in Kitchener, Ontario 2024

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Funky Fruits Slot Review

You need to consider some crucial factors when deciding on fruit games online. These are the things that attract players, keep them playing, and make them come back for more. They include graphics, ease of use, affordability, and the size of expected winnings. Funky Fruits Slot Jackpot has all those, and even more.

It features graphics that are impressively colorful and high definition, with a beach background. There is even a short animated video at its loading screen that shows orange and a melon crashing into each other to create the Funky Games logo. This game has a layout that is simple to use and easy to navigate. All the controls are in convenient locations, it is easy to play.

You do not need to break the bank to play and enjoy this game; you can make a bet

Additional Info
  • • Launch: May, 2013
  • • Software: Playtech
  • • Slot type: Progressive Slot
  • • Reels: 5
  • • Min. bet: 1£ per line
  • •Max. bet: 12.50£ per line
  • •Payout %: 94%

Funky Fruits Slot is a fruit machine game created by Playtech, a premier software company. This game fully explores the fruity theme, which is quite popular in slot games. It is a more exciting upgrade of "Funky Fruits Farm", another fruity game by Playtech. Aside from the fruity characters that feature in both games, the newer version features a different grid pattern.

Funky Fruits Slot is a great place to make your funky fortunes, especially with its progressive jackpot feature, which pays out once every three months. The current jackpot bounty is always on display, so you can see just how much you stand to win.

with as low as £1. The payouts are impressive; the jackpot is usually in the seven-figure range.

Game Features

Funky Slots does not have the standard slot layout. Instead, it is played out on a 5 x 5 grid. The background shows a sunny beach, with fruits lounging, surfing, and drinking cocktails. The grid itself is a wooden board with an empty glass and a standing surfboard to its left. The glass cup is where you find information on the size of your bet, the progressive jackpot figure, and wins you have.

On the wooden grid, you can find symbols of lemons, plums, oranges, pineapples, watermelons, and cherries. You need to successfully line up five fruits of the same type vertically or horizontally to win. There are no special or extra symbols, like a wild or bonus symbol. But the jackpot symbol, or fruit, is the cherry.

Gameplay Process

Funky Fruit Machine game starts with you selecting your preferred denomination, and you can make adjustments of this amount with the +/- options. Also, for your convenience, there are four fixed values that you can select and quickly start playing. Once you set up the bet, there are two different ways to start the reels.

One is by using the "play" button. The second is an autoplay option that allows you to chill while the game plays automatically. With the same bet amount, the computer plays the grid until you click on "stop". Note that you can pre-select the game, the amount to bet, and the number of spins.

At the end of a spin, the computer checks for successful combinations. When it finds any, players are paid according to the available paytable. The payout is dependent on your bet input, and your ability to spin eight adjacent cherries. One credit gets you 10% of the jackpot, two credit gets you 20%, five credits assures you of 50%, and ten credits win you the entire prize.

Basic Gameplay Rules

Aside from being one of the best free fruits games, Funky fruits is also quite simple to play. Its rules are easy to understand and follow. These rules include:

Specific Jackpot Rules

You need to follow some rules to play this free fruit slots game. These rules are a bit more technical than the ones listed above, but still easy to understand, and essential for your maximum enjoyment and benefit. These rules include:

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