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Why Can’t I Withdraw My Winnings? The Most Common Reasons

Mega Moolah PlayArticles Can’t I Withdraw My Winnings? The Most Common Reasons
The Most Common Reasons Why you Can’t Withdraw My Winnings

The greatest joy of every gamer is playing the best online casinos that payout. After all, getting money is the ultimate besides the fun you get when playing the online casino games. Some players will wait for the funds to accumulate before making a withdrawal. This is mostly to avoid the high withdraw fees of some online casino games. It can be very frustrating if the player decides to withdraw the money, but they can’t make any withdrawals.

That’s why it is essential to play the best payout online slots, regulated by the gambling authority in your nation. Most online casino games usually make payments when the player makes a withdrawal request. But why is it hard to withdraw your money?

Why Can’t I Withdraw My Winnings? The Most Common Reasons

Every online casino has different procedures and policies that every player must follow before making any withdrawal. However, the entire process looks similar where you have to log in to the online casino official website and select the withdraw option. Then you are to give them the billing account you want your money to be deposited. It can be to your bank account or into your PayPal account.

Most genuine online casinos usually keep the process as simple as possible. One of the common dilemmas in the mind of newbies is whether they will be paid after winning. But do online casinos pay? Unless it is a fraud, most online casinos do payout, especially if they are allowed to operate in your country. Nevertheless, sometimes you may have difficulties withdrawing your winnings because of various reasons, including:

  1. Wagering requirements have not been met
  2. Incompatible payment method
  3. The withdrawal amount is too small
  4. Your identity hasn’t been verified

Wagering requirements have not been met

Before you start playing any online casino game, take time to read through their requirements and policies that surround deposit, playing, and withdrawing. It is very common to be overridden by the attractive bonuses and promotions which can make you be in haste of depositing your money. Take your time to understand which casinos have the best payouts and their regulatory bodies. The ability to pay its players makes it a good casino.

If you can deposit your money in a genuine online casino, your money will not be lost even after winning massive amounts. You must follow their terms and conditions before withdrawing; otherwise, it will be difficult.

Incompatible payment methodIt is a common thing in most online casinos to have multiple depositing methods, but very few withdraw methods. Before you add any bank details or PayPal account, ensure the payment method is compatible with the terms of the online casino. It is simple, check the withdrawal methods that the casino is offering before making any transfer. Besides, avoid repeating the same process if it has denied you access.

Check the bank details properly before starting the withdrawal process. You may ask, do casinos payout in checks? Currently, online casinos do not pay in check, especially for the small number of winnings. However, they may pay in check if it is a jackpot win.

The withdrawal amount is too small

Every online casino has set a minimum and a maximum amount of money that you can withdraw or deposit. This can be determined by the casino itself or the authority which regulates online gambling. It is prudent always to check the minimum amount that you can withdraw and ensure that it is within the required limit. Some also set the number of times you can withdraw within 24 hours. You should also remember that there are withdrawal fees which depend on the amount of money you are withdrawing.

Your identity hasn’t been verified

Depending on the process of registration, some casinos will require you to register your name, upload your photo, and verify some documents like an identity card. The verification process may take a week or 48 hours. Within that period, you cannot withdraw your money no matter your winnings.

Sometimes you will be required to agree with the terms and conditions that govern casino. You must have declared that you are above 18 and sent them the document to support your declaration. Some will require you to send a recent utility bill and a copy of your bank statement.

In case you present some blur photos and documents, they may delay your withdraw process until you have submitted clear documents. Scanned documents are usually clearer. Every responsible gambling will have rules that you are supposed to follow.

If you encountered any other problems when withdrawing money from the casino, do let us know in comments.

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