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How to Earn Great With Mega Moolah Slot Progressive Jackpots

Mega Moolah PlayArticles to Earn Great With Mega Moolah Slot Progressive Jackpots

The mega moolah jackpot begins as low as one million credits and it goes up whenever a player plays at a Microgaming casino. Any player who knows how to play mega moolah wins one million or more Euros, pounds or dollars with one lucky spin.

 the Mega Moolah Slot Today

How to win with the mega moolah jackpots

1.The jackpot

The mega moolah jackpot is divided into four levels. They are:

  • Mini progressive: This is the smallest level and it has a minimum of 10 pounds.
  • Minor progressive: It pays a minimum of 100 pounds.
  • Major progressive: It seeds at a minimum of 10,000 pounds.
  • Mega progressive: This is the one that turns ordinary gamblers into millionaires. It seeds at one million pounds and it pays out 2,679,340 pounds.

To initiate any of the levels, players need to randomly trigger the bonus round wheel. Once a player gets to the progressive game, he will spin the wheel and where the wheel will land will be the prize that the player will win.

The hugest Mega moolah slot progressive jackpot that was ever won was 13,212,882 pounds and it was won in 2015 at Betway online gambling platform. This is the most recent win and it has made mega moolah the biggest Microgaming progressive jackpot win ever on the online slot games .

The other previous huge win on the Microgaming progressive jackpots slot was 5,882,594 pounds and it was won at Butlers Bingo gambling platform in 2012.

2.How the mega moolah slot jackpots are determined

The mega moolah slot jackpot or bonus game comprises of four progressive jackpots which are won through spinning the fortune wheel bonus game. From every bet a gambler places, a fraction of the bet amount is entered in the progressive jackpot pool.

The mega moolah slot bonus game is then triggered and it is seen in a window above the base game. A player can then spin the wheel to determine what they win since each spin is a winner of one of the four mega moolah prizes. The bonus game gets initiated randomly and this guarantees an equal opportunity for every gambler each time.


Mega moolah slot is among the most loved slot games on the web. Even though it does not have a gamble bonus, there are a lot of wonderful benefits in store for any player who chooses to try his or her luck.

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